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What do companies do to prevent discrimination?

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2023 | Workplace discrimination |

Companies are responsible for the safety of their employees. One way this is done is by providing a discrimination-free environment. Federal law prohibits discrimination against someone’s race, gender, color, national origin, health, age and religion. Unfortunately, a safe and discrimination-free work environment can often be difficult to do since employees may bring in personal biases that make other workers feel uncomfortable, unseen and unrepresented.

Discrimination-fee environments are possible, but it takes time and work. Companies can take proactive measures to reduce discrimination. Here’s how: 

Develop a guideline that clarifies anti-discrimination rules

Companies can provide their employees with workplace guidelines or handbooks. These handbooks may outline what discrimination means and how it negatively affects workers. This would be one means of educating workers on professionalism.

Create a way to punish harassers and resolve issues

Furthermore, there may be zero-tolerance policies that detail the repercussions of discrimination. People who are caught discriminating against others may see their positions jeopardized and face legal consequences, which makes them accountable for their actions. This also encourages others to speak out against discriminatory acts. 

Educate employees on their rights and policies 

Another way to educate workers on discrimination is by creating workshops. These workshops may show what discrimination looks like and teach people the history of discrimination. These workshops can also go over company anti-discrimination policies and penalties.

Build diversity in the workplace

There’s a possibility that diverse workplaces lead to fewer discriminatory cases. Diversity can help employees see that people of other races, ethnicities, ages and genders are more alike than different. And, diversity can help make a workplace feel more like a community. 

Victims of workplace discrimination may need to understand their legal rights and create a safer environment for other minorities.