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Legal Counsel In Severance And Separation Agreements

Has your employer offered you a severance package? Have you been given a severance or separation agreement to sign? If so, one of the first things you probably noticed is all of the legalese and how one-sided it is. That’s because it was written by an attorney without any consideration of how difficult it is for most people to understand.

If you find yourself in this situation, Mark W. Biggerman, Attorney at Law, can help. Mr. Biggerman has extensive experience with these agreements, having not only reviewed but also written many over his 25 years of practice. This gives him special insight from both sides. This wide range of employment law knowledge gives Mr. Biggerman the ability to negotiate higher amounts of severance pay and a more favorable agreement for his clients.

In his employment law practice, he both represents employees (plaintiffs) in civil actions and consults with employers to help them comply with workplace regulations – this helps him understand what’s at stake for both groups in a dispute.

Termination Clauses

Employment contracts will usually include clauses governing the terms of ending the employment agreement. These are called termination clauses, and they include:

  • Severance agreements: Although severance pay is not a requirement in Ohio, it can be a substantial benefit for employers to provide. If an employer has agreed to provide severance pay, however, that employer is contractually obligated to do so, assuming that the terms of severance meet those of the contract.
  • Separation agreements: Mr. Biggerman provides sound counsel and representation in all aspects of separation agreements. He helps employees determine whether they should sign a separation agreement and provides strong advocacy for employees who feel that the terms of their separation agreement were not met. He also counsels employers in drafting and executing separation agreements.
  • Noncompete / nondisclosure agreements: Not all noncompete/nondisclosure agreements are legal or advisable. And not all of these agreements are administered properly. If you are an employee needing legal counsel or advocacy regarding a noncompete or nondisclosure clause in your employment contract, Mr. Biggerman can help.

Knowledge Is Power

Having a complete understanding of the agreement is an essential step in that direction. Plus, you deserve a fair severance package. So, get someone on your side who can accomplish those things for you. Call Mark Biggerman right away because most severance and separation agreements have a limited time before having to sign them.

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