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Client Testimonials

I have hired Mark Biggerman for two projects, both having to do with issues related to my house–one an easement issue and the other a dispute with a neighbor about her gas line on my property. In both cases, Mark provided the documents I needed, and he worked in a timely fashion and was always available when I called him or needed him to be at my property. He has a calm presence, and he does his homework! Finally, his billing is very reasonable. I will also add that he knows well the parameters of his expertise, and he’s willing to find another lawyer with the necessary skills if a job does not fall in his wheelhouse. I recommend him without reservation!


I found myself in a difficult situation with my former employer regarding a wrongful termination that led to problems involving a relocation agreement with my former employer. My former employer was motivated to recoup re-location dollars that I allegedly owed. The situation was difficult because of the way I was treated by management, I was point blank fired, and the employer acted quickly to allege that I re-signed (Re-location contract language stated that any employee that resigns is liable for $ owed). Now, I knew that the employer’s allegations were false, but needed legal help. So with that said, I researched attorney’s in the Cleveland area and my search pointed directly at Attorney Mark Biggerman. After a quick phone consultation, we scheduled an in person meeting to discuss further. Mark impressed me right off the bat by clearly explaining the law surrounding my situation and mapping out a well thought out strategy. After my initial meeting with Mr. Biggerman, I knew my situation would be resolved in my favor. To make a long story short, Mark fought my former employer and a collection agency to clear me of any wrongdoing (Saved 40K). Mark’s efforts saved my family from financial ruin! If you are in a situation with a former employer, do yourself a favor and hire Attorney Mark Biggerman. Mark will always be a family friend for the amazing legal work that he provided for my family. Thank you, Mark.

– Aaron

Attorney Biggerman dealt with company attorneys and my union to relieve an employment situation so that I was able to continue working at my job at a large corporation. His expertise leads. He handled them skillfully; and later, the attorneys and the court appearances. His preparation is top-notch. He produces masterful documents. He is responsive and keeps me informed in a timely manner, enabling me to make the best decisions in my case. Despite the pandemic delays, he continues to represent me with this same level of excellence. I am so glad he is on my side!


Mark is an absolute professional that fulfilled my every need. If you’re in need of legal help, I would recommend Mr. Biggerman.

– Aaron

Choosing an attorney can be challenging even under ideal circumstances. When the time comes that you truly need a lawyer, you are likely under significant stress and pressure. Making such an important decision while dealing with such anxiety and uncertainty about the future can feel overwhelming. I know because I found myself facing such a situation.

I was accused of sexual harassment at my workplace and was facing the prospect of losing my job. I was incredibly fortunate to have Mark Biggerman in my corner. People can throw the term “advocate” around in a cursory manner, but Mark genuinely embodied this role. He worked very diligently on my behalf, listening to my concerns and answering my questions. His willingness to work with me, not just for me, helped put me at ease as much as was possible.

He was as clear and concise with me as possible and never talked down to me or made me feel unqualified to contribute to my own legal representation. However, if he believed my suggestions were unwise, he was completely honest and made sure I was aware of their weaknesses. Mark is also a skilled legal researcher and highly organized. I was so glad that Mark was there to represent me from the beginning as the process unfolded.

There were numerous examples of my workplace ignoring clear contradictions in the accusations made against me, as well as subverting their own policies to try to be as punitive as possible. Without him in my corner, I would have been railroaded in a climate where the rights of the accused are becoming more and more suppressed. As Mark put it, he was fighting not just for me, but for justice. I was confident that Mark had a vested interest in representing me to the best of his abilities, and I was more than just a paying client to him. When the time comes that you truly need a lawyer, you need an advocate, and I highly recommend Mark Biggerman for that purpose.

– Satisfied Client

Good communication throughout the process of the negotiation. The process was completed in a timely manner. Negotiated very well to receive the most benefits possible. Very personable which makes the client at ease.

– Diane

Mark Biggerman is a hard-working professional who will help you fight for compensation when your rights are violated. The legal documents he prepared for my case were exceptionally well written, professional and done quickly. Mark’s legal fees are fair and he was willing to work a payment plan. I’ve been working with Mark for over two years on this case and feel confident going into settlement negotiations with his knowledge and skills.

– Michelle

I hired Mark Biggerman to help me with a stressful business situation that I was involved with. He took the helm and handled my case with expertise and professionalism. He was calm, thorough and took care of my problem in short order. You don’t realize the value of an attorney until you are in trouble, then they’re worth their weight in gold. Biggerman was worth just that to me as he skillfully handled my case.

– Steve

Mark and his legal team treated me as a family member through this entire process. Mark worked very hard on our case well before litigation started to long after the case was closed/settled. Mark exceeded all expectations with his willingness to go above and beyond and get us the result we wanted. Above all else, Mark has a deep understanding and connection to Ohio law. I would highly recommend Mark and his associates.

– Ryan

Mr. Biggerman was a tremendous help while I battled a difficult situation with my employer. He knew exactly how to navigate my company’s HR hierarchy and helped me to negotiate a resolution. I would highly recommend Mr. Biggerman to anyone who suffers unfair treatment in the workforce.

– Satisfied Client

Mark Biggerman, along with his family, has been a member of Christ Episcopal Church for many years. He has provided professional legal advice, pro bono, to the parish for several years. He has been instrumental in helping us with the creation of tenant leases, negotiating their re-newels, advising us on labor issues and reviewing legal documents related to deceased members’ estates and their legacy bequests to the parish. Mark has been an excellent legal counsel.

– Peter


Mr. Biggerman has assisted me with several legal needs. He handled a negotiation with a commercial tenant that went well. He came to the negotiations well prepared and very good on the details. He also handled a domestic situation where a protection order was put in place. He was patient, kind and kept me informed at each step. I would highly recommend him.

– Lynn

Mr. Biggerman was very helpful in getting me out of a very serious legal matter. He took care of me and my problems in a very timely manner and was more concerned on helping me than anything else. His prices were fair and was very polite whenever I had any questions. He made me feel like I was in good hands all throughout the process and handled my trial so well that I am keeping him as my personal lawyer. I would recommend Mr. Biggerman for anyone who is in need of a lawyer in a hurry and wants quality results.

– Satisfied Client

Excellent attorney who helped me with a case outside of his typical field. Did an excellent job representing my interests in a dispute with a landlord. Mr. Biggerman was able to get me exactly what I wanted. Would use him again and would recommend him to anyone.

– Satisfied Client

My relationship with attorney Mark Biggerman goes back years to my prior experience managing a respected association lawyer referral service. In my opinion, Mark is one of the preeminent labor & employment attorneys in our community. He knows as much about labor & employment law as any attorney I have worked with, and is a wonderful guy. For these reasons, I endorse attorney Mark Biggerman.

– James Smolinski

I endorse this lawyer. Mark is always extremely thorough in his analysis on any case or issue. He is also very creative. This helps him get the best possible results.

– John Hallbauer, Attorney

I endorse this lawyer. Mark is one of the most meticulous lawyers I know. His knowledge of the law exceeds that of most other lawyers. He fights hard for the rights of his clients. He is a winner.

– William Carlin, Attorney

I endorse this lawyer. Mark was on opposing counsel on a civil rights matter I was litigating. I was impressed with his professionalism and knowledge. He did a great job for his client.

– Wayne Williams, Attorney

Seemed more worried about the fees than my case. Payed upfront but seemed bored and not focused on my case. He lost my case when another lawyer was very successful in winning my case.

Mark Biggerman’s response: “I feel terrible that I left such an impression. This is so contrary to my beliefs, and the way I conduct business, that it caught me completely off-guard. Please accept my assurance that I would never knowingly treat someone in this manner.”