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Know 4 signs of workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2023 | Workplace discrimination |

Workers have protected rights that grant them safe work environments. One concern workers shouldn’t have to face is discrimination – but, it happens all too often. 

Discrimination can often be underhanded and subtle. It can help to watch for the following signs of discrimination if you believe you’re a victim: 

No diversity

Many minorities face issues when companies do not embrace diversity. First, minorities may not feel as if they are welcome in a company when there isn’t anyone with similar characteristics. Second, minorities may suffer from harassment because of their differences. 

One way to spot how the lack of diversity affects workers is to look at the turnover rate. If there is an especially high turnover rate from a certain minority, then it may mean they suffered difficulties from the people around them. 

Overworked or underworked

One way employers will discriminate against their employees is by retaliating against them. One retaliatory tactic that employers use is to overwork their employees. They intend to give their employees so much work that they would rather work for someone else. 

On the other spectrum, employers may give their employees so little work that their position seems mundane. Employers may even use this as a tactic to prove the employee is unnecessary.

Targeted comments

Sometimes employers and coworkers aren’t discreet about their discrimination. A worker may suffer from discriminatory comments that target a characteristic such as their skin color, disability, religion or age. These comments are typically intended to demean or undermine workers. 

Gender-specific work

Unfortunately, many companies believe that gender affects what role an employee may be qualified to take. For example, an employer may believe women are suited only for secretary or communication work. Furthermore, it may be seen that men are the only gender qualified to take on a managerial role. 

Have you suffered discrimination or other unsafe work practices that have violated your rights? It can help to reach out for legal help to understand how you can protect your rights.