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5 common kinds of workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2023 | Workplace discrimination |

Employees have a right to a safe work environment. Safe doesn’t always mean the same thing, but it’s agreed that a safe workplace should be discrimination-free. A discrimination-free workplace means that anyone can work for a living wage without fear for their job or health.

It can help to learn how workers become victims of discrimination so that you continue to be safe within your workplace. Here’s how: 

1. Gender and sexual identity 

How people identify their gender is a huge part of who they are. There are many kinds of gender identities, such as male, female and nonbinary, which means a person’s gender doesn’t fall on either male or female.

People may also have varied sexual identities or their sexual appeal to others. People may be attracted to the same or opposite sex or have no sexual interest in others. There are many different kinds of sexual appeal and gender identity, all of which can be discriminated against. 

2. Age

It can be harder for older people to seek employment. They may not be seen as fast, as skilled or as malleable as younger workers. As a result, workers over 40 years of age may face discrimination. 

3. Race

People have fought for racial equality for decades. While many laws are in place and certain places are more accommodating, people of different color or national origin may still face discrimination. 

4. Disability

Many people suffer from disabilities. Disabilities may be cowardly seen or invisible. Disability discrimination can go two ways: someone is discriminated against because of the disabilities that can be seen, such as muscle control issues, or for their invisible disabilities, such as cognitive dysfunction. 

5. Religion

There are thousands of religions. Some workplaces may not be tolerant of people of different religious beliefs or people who have no belief or undecided belief systems. 

Are you a victim of workplace discrimination? Then you may need to learn your legal options. You have every right to assert yourself.