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What if your boss is a bully?

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2021 | Employment law |

There are definitely differences between a demanding boss and a boss who is a bully. A demanding boss may be difficult at times but he or she tries to be fair, respects you and values your efforts. A demanding boss usually strives to act in a professional manner and has exacting high standards. On the other hand, a boss who is a bully can be manipulative, unduly harsh and can undermine the overall harmony of the workplace.

A bullying boss can resort to all kinds of behavior to control or demean you. This behavior may include tactics such as preventing you from receiving a promotion you deserve, threatening you, micromanaging what you do, looking for anything that will undercut your status, ostracizing you frequently or browbeating or humiliating you.

Being bullied by your boss can have far-reaching consequences, especially if it continues over a long period of time. Your health can be impacted. You might experience anxiety, headaches, loss of appetite, stress and a host of other mental and physical symptoms.

Coping with a bullying boss

You may feel like you are helpless and at the mercy of your boss, but that is not wholly true. Despite this person’s authority over you, you do have options. Before you assert yourself, however, be aware that there are risks involved. In a worst-case scenario, you could be fired or otherwise penalized if you advocate for yourself.

  • If you do confront your boss, display a professional, confident attitude.
  • Bring up specific examples of his or her bullying. Have a record of all the bullying incidents that took place.
  • Whatever happens, keep producing your best work.
  • Inform your company’s human resources department or the person who oversees your boss if you need to.


Being targeted by a bully can make you miserable. It’s even worse if the bully is the person you work for. If you have a bullying boss in Ohio and you can’t improve your situation on your own, you may need an experienced attorney to fight on your behalf.