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Attaining workplace gender equality. Has there been any progress?

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2022 | Workplace discrimination |

We believe everyone in Ohio deserves equal workplace treatment regardless of gender or gender identity. Under federal law, American workers have the legal right to such equality.

Still, gender disparity remains an issue that impacts many American employees. Workplace inequality can affect men and women, but feminine genders typically bear the brunt of discrimination.

Just what, if any, progress has been made toward attaining gender equality within the workplace?

Improved corporate cultures

After entering the senior executive branch of a company, women reported a reduction in the gender-stereotypical language used on the job. On the corporate level, this could mean working environments featuring gender diversity have improved.

The downside of family leave laws

Research indicates that employers do not support and invest in female executives in regions with generous family leave laws. It is perhaps an unforeseen disadvantage of our otherwise beneficial Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA). These employer actions also flirt dangerously with workplace discrimination laws.

There remains a disparity in earnings

Women still earn less than their masculine counterparts on the corporate level. Interestingly, it turns out that women CEOs pay feminine genders in top management positions less than what male CEOs pay women. It seems male employees at the same level receive higher pay (than women) under female CEOs.

Retaliation against moral objections

Recent research reveals that feminine leaders face more retaliation risks than men when raising moral objections to unethical employee behaviors. The data used for this research includes an analysis of survey responses from over 33,000 federal government workers.

There remains much to do in eliminating discrimination and attaining gender equality. A successful legal remedy for workplace discrimination adds your voice to data used to assess and address illegal employee mistreatment.