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What should you expect if you make a harassment complaint at work?

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2021 | Workplace discrimination |

Workers have a right to work in a place that’s free of discrimination and harassment. There isn’t any excuse for anyone to have to deal with a hostile workplace. Employers should ensure they have policies and procedures in place to prevent those types of situations from occurring.

If you’re the victim of harassment or discrimination at work, be sure that you file a complaint about the matter so it can be investigated. Companies have a duty to look into all of these complaints.

What should you expect during the investigation?

You’ll have to give your statement about what happened. You’ll also be asked to provide any evidence, including witness names, to help with the investigation. There’s a good chance that they’ll separate you and the person who you claim was behind the illegal events. There may be a third party hired to investigate the situation.

One thing to remember is that retaliation isn’t permissible in these cases. This means that you can’t be punished simply because you spoke out about the matter. They can’t cut your pay, fire you, reduce your hours, or move you to a less desirable shift or location based on the complaint you made.

Victims of discrimination or harassment should ensure that they understand their rights and responsibilities. This can help as you work through the investigation that should follow. If the company doesn’t respond in an appropriate manner, you’ll need to know your legal rights so you can act on those. Working with a professional who’s familiar with these cases is beneficial so you don’t have to stress about what you need to do.