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3 ways of documenting workplace harassment 

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2021 | Workplace discrimination |

Workplace harassment can have a significant emotional toll on those who have experienced it. Additionally, not only is the experience emotionally traumatic, there can also be physical symptoms such as panic attacks and high blood pressure. 

Nobody should have to put up with workplace harassment and there are some legal means of tackling the issue. Typically, providing solid evidence that harassment has occurred can significantly bolster a legal claim. Outlined below are three ways of documenting workplace harassment

Gather direct evidence

While workplace harassment isn’t usually physical, it can happen. If you experience anything that leads to an injury, make sure you receive treatment and document the cause of your wounds.

If the harassment involves emails, notes or photos, do not delete or throw anything away. Inappropriate materials such as threatening emails, rude pictures or suggestive letters should be kept. If an item cannot be saved digitally, you could also take photographs if it is practical to do so. It may also be helpful to keep a written log of instances of harassment, including the dates, times and key features of each incident. 

Talk to your co-workers

It is possible that fellow employees could have witnessed the harassment and are willing to testify to this fact. Taking statements from them and collecting relevant contact information could be helpful to you further down the line. Having third-party evidence can assist in corroborating your version of events. 

Keep records of missed work

Workplace harassment is often so serious that affected employees require a period of time off. The fear of returning to work and facing further abuse can often cost the victim significant sums of money. Documenting all periods of absence could assist with a legal claim for lost finances. 

Understanding your employment rights could be in your best interests. If you have faced workplace harassment, then there are ways of proving this as well as methods to prevent it from happening again.