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3 causes of conflicts with a customer

On Behalf of | May 25, 2023 | Contracts |

You can conflict with any party involved in your business, including customers. It’s crucial to satisfy your customers, but mistakes can happen, and you can find yourself in a dispute with one, which can potentially lead to a lawsuit.

The following are three factors that can contribute to conflicts with a customer:

1. The quality of products or services

Your customers expect to receive quality products or services. Thus, when they buy a low-quality product or your service fails to be reliable, you may conflict with them, especially if you delay resolving the issue.

If a customer makes a complaint, you need to respond promptly. Let them know you are investigating the problem, and upon solving it, contact them for the update and apologize for the inconvenience. This can save you from conflicts and increase your customer retention rate.

2. Accidents and injuries

A customer being injured on your property may also lead to disputes. For this reason, you should ensure your property is safe by having adequate lighting, clean floors and organized aisles. Any factor that can lead to an accident should not exist on your property, as injury claims can be costly.

3. Contract disputes

The contracts between your business and other businesses or individual customers can also lead to conflicts. For example, when a customer misinterprets a term, and, in turn, breaches the contract. This may also occur due to vagueness in the clauses. Contract disputes with customers can be more common than you expect. It will be best to have binding agreements and dependable conflict resolution methods.

Conflicts with customers are better avoided. That’s usually much easier and cheaper than “damage control” later. Experienced legal guidance can help you make sure that you taking appropriate risk mitigation steps from the start.