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Being terminated as opposed to resigning: Which is best for you?

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2022 | Employment law |

It doesn’t sound like a really great choice to have to make – resign from your job or wait until the boss orders you out. If your instincts are telling you that your time at your workplace is coming to an end, this is an unpleasant choice you may have to make, like it or not.

Whatever option you select, you want to be sure that it benefits you and your career to the greatest extent possible. You also want to minimize the harm to your professional reputation.

On the brink of being sacked?

Sometimes, people just have that wretched feeling that their job is slipping from their grasp fast. These are a few hints that it might be imminent:

  •       You no longer feel as if you belong in the company
  •       Your workload shrinks
  •       You are at odds frequently with your supervisor

Walking away from your job has a downside

There is an important issue to think carefully about. If you decide to make your exit instead of getting terminated, you will face at least one big obstacle – you probably won’t get unemployment benefits.

It’s kind of like walking a tightrope with no safety net. You might get another job quickly and not have to worry about having sufficient money. Or you might be in limbo for a while with dwindling funds in your bank account.

Arguments in favor of quitting

Most people prefer to be in charge of their own destiny. By choosing whether and when you depart from your position, you can be more in control. Furthermore, quitting does not have the same stigma attached to it that being fired does.

You’re not sure which path to take

Each person’s circumstances are different and unique. It may be in your best interests to seek legal guidance before making any big decisions.