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3 common signs of a hostile work environment

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2021 | Employment law |

It is rare, if not impossible, for operations in the workplace to go smoothly all of the time. Often, tight deadlines and long working hours can push both management and employees into feeling pressurized and even angry. 

However, behavior can sometimes cross the line of what would be considered reasonable under the circumstances, thus creating a hostile working environment. No employee should feel harassed or belittled in their place of work. As a result, it is important to consider some of the common signs that your working environment may have become hostile. 

Is your employer showing favoritism? 

It is only natural that certain individuals will be better suited to different tasks based on their abilities. However, if your employer chooses to select individuals over you frequently, this could be unfair for no apparent reason other than there’s some kind of personal relationship that exists.

You should be allowed to progress within the company if your work is of a high standard. Cases, where your progression has been stunted due to personal reasons could be a sign of a hostile working environment. 

Has aggression been directed towards you? 

While employees and management can sometimes come under pressure, they are still required to conduct themselves professionally. 

Aggressive behavior can take many forms, such as physical and verbal aggression. For example, an employer or colleague may shout at you in a way intended to cause intimidation. In serious cases, aggression may even lead to physical violence, such as striking or pushing. 

Have you been shamed publicly? 

Of course, where job performance has not met the expected requirements, employers have a right to pursue disciplinary action. However, this should be exercised with discretion and conducted professionally. A hostile working environment can result from disciplinary measures that are unfair and deliberately serve the purpose of embarrassing you in public. 

You likely spend a lot of your time in the workplace, and this environment should not be a hotbed for harassment or bullying. Understanding the common signs of a hostile environment could help to protect your employment rights in Ohio.