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Should you let an attorney take a look at that job contract?

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2021 | Employment law |

You’re excited about your new job offer, so why bother having an attorney review your contract before you sign?

Well, waiting until a problem is apparent to contact an attorney can limit your options and be a big mistake.

3 reasons to let an attorney review your employment contract before you sign

There are a host of good reasons to have a professional take a look at your employment contract before you commit. Here are some of the top:

  1. You may not fully understand the contract’s terms. Restrictive covenants, like non-compete clauses, may be lurking in the fine print. You don’t want to agree to anything that will damage your future prospects.
  2. You may not totally understand your security. A contract doesn’t mean you can’t be fired. While you may not be an at-will employee today, that may change in a year (per the contract) or there may be other reasons you can be let go. You need to fully recognize your risks.
  3. Your employer may not be giving you the best deal. It’s in your interest to look for negotiation points. An honest employer will at least consider your talking points, and an attorney can help you frame them.

The small cost associated with having an attorney look over your contract today could be nothing compared to the legal fees you save down the road if you end up in a bitter dispute with your employer. You could also be saving yourself from problems that sully your reputation in your industry — and that can be another benefit for your career.

Learn more about the benefits of having an attorney review your job contract by continuing to review the information on our site, or contact us directly about your situation.